Includetext not updating

The following screenshot shows the resultsing PDF document with the injected formatted text.

includetext not updating-57includetext not updating-48includetext not updating-25

Download sample project Feel free to post your questions or comments on this.

This document (C: Temp Host.doc) contains a few macros and a Toolbar "Host".

The toolbar button "YEL" toggles Yellow Local Formatting to selected text.

When I write "Select the first paragraph" I mean for you to select the numbered item, including any embedded paragraph marks. I'm not kidding; sometimes the easiest way to fix a problem is to use the right tool.

If you're using the wrong tool, the other one might be the right one. If neither method is satisfactory, you need to split your Source file into [search]bookmark[[/search]ed chunks and each bookmarked chunk separately, repeating observations 2 and 3 until success is achieved. If you want to have us believe that you are done with local formatting, raise your right hand now, and in concert with your left hand, bring them both down on the keyboard and hit Ctrl-A and then Ctrl-Space.

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