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She's a hard worker and she chooses to be because of her own personal standards.She is independent and she is the perfect alpha woman.I wrote that article because those are the women I would hate to see my close guy friends or my brothers end up with.

According to the ancient code, a woman is described as 'A sack made to endure as long as she lives in her husband's house.' Some young women, therefore, actually choose to live this way in order to escape their sure fate of being married off in their mid-teens to men three times their age and consigned to a lifetime of hard work and household chores.

Citing Ora as the latest example in a series of superfluous cameos, Nobody seemed to when, last Halloween, the singer dangled the promise of new music via Twitter.

Attempting to spark engagement and hype around a new song, Ora tweeted to her followers that if she got more than 100,000 retweets on a specific tweet that she would drop a brand-new song.

Although she is female, no one ever raises an eyebrow about her being in a bar - drinking and smoking - where women are normally not expected to be A man's world: Haki Shehu, 66, at home in Tplan.

She has always lived alone, and says: 'I am a man and that's it.

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