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Here’s what you need to know before you start cruising … , examination of Internet dating sites, this seems to hold true.

If you’re younger, hipper and on the more liberal side, you’ll probably like Ok Cupid.

The article connects this history to other examples in the history of technology that show how technological systems touted as “revolutionary” often help entrenched structural biases proliferate rather than breaking them down.

The article also upsets the notion that computer dating systems can simply be understood as a version of the “boys and their toys” narrative that has dominated much of computing history.

But be aware: Everything you do, such as clicking on a profile, can be seen by the other person. Its users tend to be slightly older and more established and conservative than Ok Cupid’s. To unlock all the features of Match.com, you must pay.

If you want to hide your stalker tendencies, pony up the .95 a month for the “A-List” membership, which allows you to see all your profile’s visitors without their seeing you. With a subscription, you can see who’s viewed your profile, contact other people through emails or instant messages and reply via your cell phone.

Since 1997, and more drastically in the early 2000s, a substantial number of singles have met partners through online dating sites.

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