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Compared with traditional partial least squares (PLS), locally weighted partial least squares (LW-PLS), and several other updating strategies, the proposed method is more accurate.To ensure the output quality, current crowdsourcing systems highly rely on redundancy of answers provided by multiple workers with varying expertise, however massive redundancy is very expensive and time-consuming.

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We applied this approach to track human head motion and to infer the head pose simultaneously in videos. (2006) Online Updating Appearance Generative Mixture Model for Meanshift Tracking. In this paper, we propose Active PMFv2, Probabilistic Matrix Factorization with Active Learning (version 2), on a task recommendation framework called Task Rec to recommend tasks to workers in crowdsourcing systems for quality assurance.By assigning the most uncertain task for new workers to work on, this paper identifies a flaw in our previous Active PMFv1, Probabilistic Matrix Factorization with Active Learning (version 1).However, during a sampling interval, the model structure remains unchanged.To address this problem, in this article, a novel local regression strategy is proposed that can be adjusted according to process changes through wavelength selection and local regression approaches.

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