Christian long distance dating speed dating in westchester county

It will greatly benefit your relationship if you set clear expectations for how and how often you will communicate.

Some couples flourish on a few phone calls a week whereas others need to communicate more often.

I want to share a bit of our story & what we did and encourage all of you who are in relationships long distance. Because if you aren't then convenience will tempt you to cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend because you have no standards.

QUESTION: I have recently begun dating someone who is wonderful in every way.

I see so much potential in our relationship and I want for us to grow together both emotionally and spiritually.

A couple's devotional, books, articles, websites, or tips would be much appreciated!

HE SAID: Having been in an occupation where I have spent upwards of two hundred days a year away from my home, I have had to learn, maintain and incorporate strategies in order to grow a long-distance relationship and I applaud you for seeking new ways in your own.

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