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Founded in the mid-17th century as a winter quarters for traders and tax collectors, Irkutsk came to prominence in the 1800s.Participants in the Decembrist revolt against Tsar Nicholas I were exiled to Siberia in droves, turning Irkutsk into their cultural center.Travel to Russia is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with Russian history and culture.Russia spans eleven time zones and two continents and is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.Now you have a chance to explore its land of striking beauty and diversity, from magnificent capitals, Moscow and St.Petersburg, to the measured life of Siberian cities.We will introduce Moscow to you during a sightseeing tour featuring the city’s highlights: the Red Square and the Kremlin, the stunning St Basil’s Cathedral, the embankments of the Moskva River, Vorbyovy Hills with a panoramic view of the city, and of course the recently reconstructed Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Vegetable meadows, piny-woody, piny-birch forests, birch groves stretch spaciously around Irkutsk.

, de Svetlana Savchenko, Malcolm Lillie, Mikhail, G. Budd Cet article présente de nouvelles datations S. La tourbière se trouve immédiatement au sud de la rivière Severnaya Shuraly, avec les monts Oural à l’ouest.

Des prospections et des excavations intermittentes ont été entreprises à cet endroit à partir de 1879, le résultat en a été la récupération de plus de 3000 objets façonnés culturels, y compris des rames, des sculptures d’oiseaux, des figurines en forme de serpent, des skis en bois, des pointes de flèche et des hameçons.

Das Torfmoor liegt unmittelbar südlich des Flusses Severnaya Shuraly, mit dem Ural im Westen.

Zeitweilige Surveys und Ausgrabungen wurden an diesem Fundplatz seit 1879 durchgeführt, was zur Entdeckung von mehr als 3000 Artefakten führte, darunter Ruder, Vogelskulpturen, Schlangenfigurinen, hölzerne Skier, Pfeilspitzen und Fischhaken.

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