Movie about blind man dating

Truth is, when I lost my sight in 2001 (due to retinal detachment and optic nerve damage as a result of the chicken-pox virus), my now wife and I were already together and had been for several years.The future of our relationship for me was uncertain.With Cupid's holiday just around the corner and his arrows poised to meet their target, I was graciously asked to offer my two cents on the subject of dating from a blind man's point of view.Though it may not be worth the two cents, I agreed to give it a shot.

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In that same reasoning, are there people that specifically date blind people so they won't feel judged on their looks? I'm reminded of the comic book romance of Ben Grimm to a blind woman.

In one scene, however, as she passionately plays piano and he passionately listens and comments, they appear to come to a simultaneous orgasm in their separate apartments. " /It's far more important to connect with others on a deep level than it is to judge people by how they look.

Language includes "s--t," "crap," "d--k," "damn it," "balls," and "ass." Adults drink wine and beer. When people can't see or touch each other, they take more time to listen.

A good friend of mine is a very bad burn victim that happened when she was quite young. I guess a blind man could also be just as self-concious as a sighted man when it comes to how other people gauge how their date looks.

She is married to an attractive, successful man, and has kids. I thought a partner would pick me for me; do people really think about others' opinion when choosing a partner? When I was in high school, a guy who was blind was very interested in dating me.

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