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"Initially he wonders if he's at fault, but then he realizes he's not limited to her circle of friends and her life [and wants to see] what else life has to offer." And in high school, that means more romances."The best way to get over someone is to find new love so maybe Matty goes on the prowl," Mirchoff adds.Started dating secretly in Pilot Broke up in The Scarlet Eye Got back together in My Super Bittersweet Sixteen Broke up again in I Am Jenna Hamilton Started dating again in The Other Shoe Broke Up Again in And Then What Happened Briefly dated again from Reality Does Not Bite to WTF Happened Last Year? When Season 5 of the hit MTV series left off, your favorite awk teens had just graduated from Palos Hills High. minus the whole Jenna Hamilton and Matty Mc Kibben preparing for a long-distance relationship thing. Too bad these two aren’t a couple IRL because, OMG, adorable. Whether that’s a good intensity or bad intensity, we’ll always be intense. The Hollywood Reporter: Where would you like Matty’s story to go in Season 2?Beau Mirchoff: I think just to dive more in depth into Matty’s life to see what makes Matty the way he is and what he loves, and his aspirations, and just more details about Matty.The 22-year-old has also appeared in a recurring role on the Canadian drama, .

"It's clearly not the most graceful way for that information to come out," she says. "Matty goes through all the scope of emotions," Mirchoff says.There, he persuades his friend to streak at an athletic game—then conspires to secure the perimeter so there's no easy escape. I'm inclined to believe Mirchoff when he alleges that he and the streaker are still friends. They're this Canadian band who opened for Jack Johnson at the Greek a few weeks ago, and they're really, really good. It's hard not to like the 25-year-old actor, even if he did lock you in a gym, naked—he's a middle child who's close with his brother and sister, a Canadian, a guy who gets embarrassed, and yet one who will accept your dare (see Twitter later today). They have this new album out called I listen to everything: I listen to classical. Mirchoff called us up from LA to talk about his new band, Jimmy's Sound Cart, his undying love for Louis C. But I've seen giant sea bass off of California here, in Catalina. So you'll be diving on a reef and turn around, and there's this massive vehicle in the water, and it scares you.

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