Updating sql server column from another column xbmc tv show library not updating

So having a WHERE in the statement would be [email protected] "How does this differ from the old accepted answer", it has a WHERE clause."so this does not add anything", I disagree, it adds something.

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How can I update three columns in table A from three columns in table B in one UPDATE statement?Also, if the table you're updating is the same as the table in the FROM clause and the FROM clause contains only one reference to the table, an alias might not be specified.If the table you're updating appears more than once in the FROM clause, only one reference to the table can omit a table alias; all other references to the table must include a table alias.For this question, you can use the power of relational algebra.The sample code in Listing 1 demonstrates that you can use the FROM clause combined with a JOIN operation to update specified columns from a second table.

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