Soap opera couples dating real life

On-set romance is such a thing that at this point it’s really just a cliché.So and so meets so and so in a remote setting, they’re vulnerable and trapped together for six weeks in the Tennessee hills/Africa/the tundra/a small city that is probably in Canada, sparks fly, and soon trailer “card games” begin and an adorably-passionate fling occurs and usually the whole thing is over in time to make for an awkward press junket.When the cameras stopped rolling, these 18 couples couldn't stop arguing...Whether its Julia Roberts referring to her "completely disgusting" on-screen love interest, or Dustin Hoffman slapping Meryl Streep across the face, or the rumoured off-screen tension between the stars of Fifty Shades of Grey, movie romances don't always translate into mutual admiration off-camera.

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In other words, viewers are invested in watching the various iterations of the same couple.

The theory being, if they can break out into a perfectly synced dance routine, then they probably share a special emotional and physical bond.

I can only imagine what that means for Channing Tatum and his wife, who met on the set of and have been charming the world ever since.

Notable supercouples in daytime culture are: Luke and Laura Spencer ().

However, it is glaring that amongst soap opera supercouples, there are few pairings with people of color, especially interracial couples.

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